About us

An IT training company in Calicut, BAABTRA, works as a link in identifying, training and placing quality freshers from regional colleges and institutes. A firm that specialises in identifying, training and placing skilled resources from districts such as Kozhikode, Kannur, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kasargode for IT jobs in Calicut, Cochin, Trivandrum, Bangalore and middle eastern cities, BAABTRA provides training in technologies such as Android, PHP and Python in a totally industry oriented manner. We teach you to join companies; we let companies interact with the talent pool in domain-sensitive ways from six offices in Calicut connected to our Bangalore office as well. Hence, we take on BAAB- meaning door- in our very name. We provide software consultancy to schools and colleges in Kerala and Ajman in We also facilitate B. Tech/ M.B. A. students’ main project in Calicut region and surrounding areas.


Started in 2011 by a number of young entrepreneurs from the field of software programming, BAABTRA believes that knowledge industry provides a unique opportunity to people with a skill set without worrying about their respective locations. This amazing possibility has not been fully actualised due to the lack of proper streamlining of regions. Companies find it either hard or expensive to reach out to the talent outside the metros. Freshers from other regions have to go through a lot before they are able to prove themselves before a company. BAABTRA, the regional talent's door to the software universe, facilitates this communication and helps the best get to the best!

Vision & Mission


BAABTRA envisages a world in which talent, innovation and industry connect seamlessly for better technologies, resources and lives.


In our mission to find, prepare and produce excellent hands with a strong foundation in the domain of programming for the IT industry, we seek to heighten learning from a computing perspective.

Core Values

- Dependency: We are dependable for your requirements
- Commitment to quality: Either identifying or equipping the resource to be good and sending the right candidate for the right portfolio is the basis of our service. We never compromise on quality.
- Attention to the detail and sensitivity to the specifics: As the link between two entities that should work together, we consider attention to the detail and sensitivity to the specifics as a core value.

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